We define and help create strong brands through the process of design. A brand defines who you are and what you do in the marketplace. The face of your brand is your identity - the visual packaging that wraps around your business. It talks to your client through connection points - your business card, signage, advertising, website, right down to how your phone is answered. It is the face of your business. If you look incoherent then that's the way people will see you. It's critical to define yourself, declare your vision, tell your story, cultivate a strong personal / business brand - in other words "love who you are and what you do - love your brand". A good visual identity glues people, vision, expectation, promises, experience to your brand. 

At Love Your Brand, we have a passion to help create strong links of visual identity to your core business values and aspirations. From creating a brand identity (logo) through to all your collateral - stationery, email signatures, brochures, website, advertising material, etc. We collaborate with expert partners in strategic thinking and planning, web development, SEO analysis and solutions, and social media expertise.

We will work with large corporate's like the Mitre 10's to medium businesses to individual startups. We recognise that every business is different and the needs unique - so our approach is personal to every single client that we engage with. We add value to the business by means of strategic design solutions.  


Roland Meissner
Design Consultant (Founding Member)

Before establishing Love Your Brand in 2008, Roland enjoyed successful creative design positions at various design and advertising agencies in South Africa, United Kingdom and New Zealand. His experience spans 30 years of graphic design in corporate identity and branding, packaging, all forms of print media, and recently in electronic media. In 1987-88 Roland worked under the leadership of Mervyn Kurlansky - one of the founding partners of Pentagram London. He was also creative director of Trademark London, helping establish a design presence in Europe for servicing global accounts. In 1998, he immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand with his family.